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 Yaheven 2.3.2 Latest Update Chat Client

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PostSubject: Yaheven 2.3.2 Latest Update Chat Client   Sat Jul 28, 2007 2:13 pm

Yahaven a new client that has a very user friendly look to it a bit like Yahoo! Messenger Very easy to use good selection of features but this client tends to ignore everyone and anyone until you manually remove the filters and wildcards ignores!
Yahaven! Version 2.3.2 - updated on 2/06/07
Adult rooms added to room lists, this will fix the problem of them not showing until Yahoo! fixes the issue. Friends List can be hidden automatically upon login. Chat window now has zoom to increase or decrease text size. Tattoo's can now be coloured separate to chat text. Number ID's will now show in chatters list. Experimental options to re-activate or switch off Chat Shield also added (Should work fine). The Installer will no longer overwrite existing Ignored/Safe/Wildcard lists.
The messenger window is simple to use with good amount of options!

This is the Yahaven chat screen click the picture to see it full size!
Yahaven has the following features:
Animated Smiley's
Yahaven has all the Yahoo! animated smiley's!
Chat Shield
This is a feature which helps protect you against booters by totally closing your pm's so the packets get diverted else where!
Custom Buttons
Allows you to create your own custom buttons these buttons allow you to send pre-defined text quickly into a chat room.
Custom Filters
Allows you to add custom filters of your own to stop the bots.
Inbuilt Voice
Yahaven has voice built into the client.
These are small symbol picture looking things that display just after your username and before your actual text.
Wildcard Ignores
Allows you to add wildcard ignores to ignore bots etc with similar names.

It pretty easy to use nothing to complicated
download link


Please Scan files Smile
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Yaheven 2.3.2 Latest Update Chat Client
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